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Ivrea is the center of the Canavese, in the Piemonte region, in northern Italy, and is quite old: more than 2100 years! It was, in fact, mentioned for the first time in a list of colonies of the Roman Empire in 100 b.c. with the name "Eporedia". .
In greek, "Epo" means "horse", and in old welsh "reda" means carriage, hence it is felt the name Eporedia means "carriage pulled by horses", which makes sense, because Ivrea was in a strategic passage point both for the Romans and the people who lived in the area before (the Welsh) who named it. Eporedia's name changed with the course of times and centuries from Eporedia to Iporedia, Ivoreia, Ivreia and the modern name Ivrea.
Ivrea is 265 meters above sea level, and it was originally built to the left of the river Dora Baltea. One of the bridges over the river Dora Baltea "Ponte Vecchio" (old bridge) was built by the romans 2000 years ago and renovated through the centuries.
Ivrea is surrounded by very fertile land and many small hills. In between these hills lay several lakes of varied sizes. On the top of these hills are castles, built in line of sight for communication porpouses. Actually, between Turin and Aosta and beyond to Chambery in France (the city where the Savoia originated from) are several castles who, in medieval times, used to communicate to each other using flags or lights. It has been said that a message could be sent from Chambery to Turin and back via all these castles including the one in Ivrea in two hours!
CANAVESE: Perfect Mix of Culture & Nature
The Morainic Amphitheatre of Ivrea
Ivrea is located in a very special geological area. The Ivrea-Zone is crossed by the insubric line, that means the line of the collision between the european and the african continents aresponsible of the Alpine orogeny. You can find evidence of this in the granulite basement rocks, schist, and many other interesting specimens quite unique in Europe.
Moreover: the relief surrounding Ivrea, known locally as the Morainic Amphitheatre of Ivrea, is the result of the buildup of debris deposited by the glaciers of several ice ages during the Quaternary period. Ivrea-Zone represents the maximum distance reached by the Balteo Glacier sliding down the highest tops of the Alps 10.000 years ago. Now the area is covered by forests and pleasant lakes.
Lodging in Ivrea
Beautiful Hotel & nice Bed&Breakfast offer luxury and pleasant lodging eather in the peaceful nature around Ivrea or right in the middle of the historical center, where you can find restaurants and bars.
How to reach us:
Closest Airports:

Torino-Pertini Airport

That's the closest airport to Ivrea: 30-45 minutes by car.

If you use pubblic transports follow the 3 steps:
1.by train from the Airport to GTT Dora Station - 20 minutes
2.by bus (line 11) from GTT Dora Station to Torino Porta Nuova train Station - 20 minutes
bus frequency: every 7 minutes
3. by train from Torino Porta Nuova to Ivrea train Station - 1 hour
average train frequency: every1,5 hours
total price around 11euros
NB: unfortunately by public transport the journey is quite long and the service is not extremely reliable. If you don't want to rent a car or use the public, we can arrange to collect you at the airport.

Milano-Malpensa Airport
1 hour and 20 minutes by car is a reliable time: the motorway to malpensa is free of traffic
With public transports the service is quite complicate and takes really long time: up to 5 hours depending from the coincidences. From the Malpensa Airport you need to go to Milano Centrale Train Station and from there take a Train to Chivasso where you need to change train to reach Ivrea.
As for Torino Airport, also in this case, if you don't want to rent a car or use the public, we can arrange to collect you at the airport.
All the figures above are indicative

Have a pleasant journey!