Francesco Farnia Born in Padova-Italy in 1967
Living in Ivrea since 2001 Mountain Guide
and Instructor of the Italian Alpine Club

IvreaOutdoor is a dream. It starts walking on the ancient streets of Ivrea, looking at the Roman ruins mixed with the beauty of the surrounding land, following the antique paths to the high west Alps. Woods, lakes, mountains, animals, rivers, glaciers: we couldn't resist the attraction!
The dream keeps running. We're guides willing to live deep inside the nature of our territory and share it with people.
Many other people in Ivrea have the same feeling and the same dream.
We're all ready to wellcome and guide you into the wilderness of the Alps!
Francesco Farnia  Mountain Guide and Team Leader

Born in 1967 - Italian Alpine Club Instructor since 1994.
I spent most of my childhood hiking the Dolomites, where I developed my passion for mountains.
Since 2001 I've decided to live in Ivrea because of the unspoiled nature and the wild sceneries of the West Alps. As a guide I expect to enjoy this beautiful land with other people adventure together!!